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Harvest Point

Outdoor Recreation

Right in Your Own Backyard


Big fun for the little ones in all seasons! Watch kids play from our airy shade pavilion near the swimming pool. Restrooms are also available for residents year-round at the pavilion.

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Walking/ Jogging Trails

Walk, jog or bike! Residents will be able to take full advantage of the beauty of Harvest Point’s rivers, ponds, and green spaces with over 5 miles of walking trails. Don’t be surprised if you come across deer, bunnies, birds of all sorts, and other wildlife! The trail will also meander through shade-filled woods near the peaceful Walden Branch of Carter’s Creek. Students can walk or bike to school at neighboring Spring Hill Middle School!

Picnic Areas/ Pocket Parks

Picnic tables and pocket areas of seating/recreation are available along the trail system for residents to enjoy a day of outdoor gatherings with friends and neighbors.

Tranquil Pond & Streams

Sip lemonade and overlook one of Harvest Point’s tranquil ponds or streams on a breezy summer afternoon. Row boats will be available when the development reaches this area!

Walking Trail



By bike or by foot, get active or simply enjoy nature at one of our many on-site recreational areas, all accessible just beyond your doorstep.

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Dog Park
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Community Garden
The Water Hole
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Swimming Pool

Harvest Point Living

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Harvest Point Living

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CKP Development: 112 Westwood Place, Ste. 220 | Brentwood, TN 37027
CKP Email: [email protected]
HOA Email: [email protected]

112 Westwood Place, Ste. 220
Brentwood, TN 37027

CKP Email: [email protected]
HOA Email: [email protected]